What are the tools of Social Business Transformation?

We are glad to share with you our secrets and continue to add the gems of both technology and cultural tools that make our offerings possible. We will also happily tell you why we are the best team to share these tools with you.

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A simple and easy to sync and share files with a distributed organization.

 A powerful tool for reducing overhead from status updates, using a private Twitter-like model to send quick updates across email, phones, and other devices.

 An alternative to Powerpoint: One big picture you can explore along a path, or deviate according to the discussion.

 Create and share diagrams, mock-ups, floor plans, and wireframes easily with others. An alternative to Visio.

 Publish your slides and presentations online for others to see and discuss.

 Manage email, calendars, documents, spreadsheets, and more with this affordable suite of cloud-based tools for day-to-day office use.

 Enterprise class Sales and Customer Service cloud-based web-only application. One of the originals in cloud computing.

Social Media Governance Database - the largest online database of social media policies from companies, governments, nonprofits. Pay particular attention to Razorfish's policies.

 Open Atrium is an intranet in a box that has group spaces to allow different teams to have their own conversations. It comes with six features - a blog, a wiki, a calendar, a to do list, a shoutbox, and a dashboard to manage it all.