Jenn Turner at the UWM Small Business Development Center: On Crowd-funding

I recently met Jason Mueller of the at an event held by a dear friend of mine in support of kickstarted project called 30x30. Jason and I got to talking after I mentioned that I had helped out on the Optimist Theatre Shakespeare in the Park kickstarter that ran through the month of February.
As crowdfunded projects such as the Veronica Mars film, gain in recognition and popularity folks beyond the fringe are starting to look at how they can use crowdfunding campaigns in their own business.

The first place it starts to make sense is in nonprofit. The UWM SBDC worked with the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee to present this workshop so many of the attendees came from the nonprofit realm. The nonprofit world in particular is quite accustomed to doing very public fundraising projects, and projects (more often known as programs) are the lifeblood of mission achievement in the nonprofit world.

But where else to crowdsourced campaigns make sense?

Book publishing, game development, restaurants, makerspaces, startups, entrepreneurs, disaster relief teams, research projects, software developers, and many more.

Though the IRS and SEC have yet to catch up with this bleeding edge technology platform emergence (rules? what rules?) the opportunities are only limited to your creativity.

I had a great experience talking with my fellow panelists attorney Laura Schmitz and can't wait to go back!