HNI Invitation to speak

We got excited when HNI Risk Services, Inc. proposed that we speak at their Executive Series event about Understanding the Risk and Opportunities of Social Media

Speaking to executives about more effective approaches to social media is becoming one of our most sought-after services. People--executives in particular--are hungry for good information and practical uses for these tools in a business setting.

Chances are if, you are reading our blog you already know why it is crucial to rewrite the rules of communication, but just in case we will reiterate: E-mails and meetings drain productivity and sap morale across organizations. The time wasted on attaching documents and trying to revision control them is, well, time wasted. There is a better way.

We want to change the way companies talk. This is hard. It takes time. In a day, all we can do is tell the executives what makes it important to change --what’s important to consider about how meetings, emails, Word docs, phone calls, sales, planning, check-ins and other things that are affected by social media and the opportunity presented by social technology. We’ll question the notion that your marketing department should be the only group that should benefit from the potential of new collaboration technologies.  And we will touch on how these solutions can help accounting, HR, and all the other parts of your business practice.

Yes, we are excited about what we do, and we get excited every time we get a chance to speak about our work. But why are we even more excited about speaking at HNI? Is it because we are preparing to unveil by far the most comprehensive product offering in the industry? Is it because we will have a chance to show off our newly upgraded website? Is it because we will be announcing the plans for development of new online learning communities to the world?

You will just have to make a point of coming to find out.