Introducing Open Atrium 2.0 as a Service! Meet Collaborate!

Starting in late 2013, the Bucket Brigade will offer Open Atrium 2.0 as a service. Installing, configuring and maintaining any complex Drupal site can be a challenge - and Open Atrium is no exception! Pantheon is the best option if you want to launch your own Open Atrium 2.0 site quickly and easily - and have the technical staff to maintain the site yourself.

Rather than host your own site, you can purchase user accounts for all the members of your organization on You'll get your own private space (or spaces) for your organization and we'll handle updates, security and support. In addition, you'll have access to training and tutorials developed just for organizations and teams to make the most use of OpenAtrium to support a collaborative culture.

This is perfect for small to mid-sized organizations that can't afford to have a technical person on staff (or can't spare them!) and want help making the best use of all the power and flexibility of Open Atrium 2.0--and who want to learn effective ways of sharing information, accountability, and discussion to help develop a healthy working culture.

If you want to be notified when we launch, please join the mailing list.