Welcome New Brigade Team Member Dan Vanderboom!

Two new team members joined the Bucket Brigade and we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce them to everyone out there in internetland. The second member we'll be introducing is Dan Vanderboom, you can follow him on twitter blog!

Dan has worked in technology consulting and software engineering for the past 20 years, having taught himself to write software 30 years ago at the age of 7 before starting high school programming classes at 9. An inventor at an early age, Dan designed and built devices, always looking to make life better for himself and those around him.

Over the past 7 years, Dan developed large enterprise inventory and asset tracking systems for mobile devices, used by Sears, Best Buy, Whirlpool, the United Nations, New York Jets, and hundreds of other organizations around the world. During his time at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin, he devised and implemented complex data analysis algorithms and reporting mechanisms to detect health care fraud, and automated entire data entry and collections departments, each saving millions of dollars per year.

Dan’s approach to problems is multidisciplinary and based on a deep appreciation for systems of interdependent components with emergent properties. One recurring theme underlying all others is that careful measurement and analysis of complex input results in a simple, coherent outcome; in other words: although understanding is based on an ability to comprehend difficult and numerous situational variables, the best results come from coherent action focused on a simple but profoundly-inspired goal.

Dan’s many interests include, but are no means limited to: software, database design, lean agile development methods, data analysis, automation, machine learning, expert systems, robotics, electronics, wearable computers, pneumatics, mechanical systems, wood and metal working, biology, medicine, linguistics, leadership, marketing, cooking, physics, cosmology, creative and technical writing, and education.